Resources for families and practitioners

Our research identified serious gaps in understanding of, and communication about, ‘best interests’ in the UK. The booklets below were developed to help support best interests decision-making

On-line resources about family experience

  • Visit our on-line healthtalkresource  for families and practitioners – with 250 film clips from filmed interviews alongside concise information about key issues such as ‘definitions of the vegetative state’, ‘Long term care and rehabilitation’, ‘Impact on the Family’ and ‘Treatment decisions’.
  • Poster healthtalk resource for care homes – drawing staff and family attention to the online resource

Booklets about key aspects of decision-making

Information about preparing for court hearing

Sample advance decisions to refuse treatment

Other support and information:

  • National Clinical Guidelines on the treatment of patients in prolonged disorders of consciousness, the Royal College of Physicians (2013)
  • B.I.G – – an on-line support network for people who have loved ones with devastating brain injuries.
  • Headway: Headway’s nurse-led helpline provides information on all aspects of acquired brain injury. Tel: 0808 800 2244 or