Selected Relevant Blogs from the OpenJustice Court of Protection Project – reports from court hearings and reflections on judgments

Re OO (PDOC woman in her 30s in MCS- following cardiac arrest,  her clinical team do not think continuing CANH is in her best interests, her family are divided)

Re: Mr P (PDoC, family-clinician dispute re LSTs for middle-aged man, 15 months post cardiac arrest) 

Re TW (PDOC middle-aged man, family oppose withdrawal of ventilation, daughters want delay so can visit)

Re CD (PDOC, young woman, Mother + clinicians in dispute with father re CANH + ventilation)

Re RS (PDoC, middle-aged man, clinical/family dispute re CANH) (Polish case + videos of patient placed on social media)

Re P (woman in 40s in MCS or emerged, CANH not raised by COP, although family members thought P would not want it

Re ED (PDoC, young man, Family dispute re assessements & Best Interests re CANH, father wants more tests)

Re RS (PDOC, middle-aged man, Family v. clinicians dispute, ICU, ventilation)

Re GU (PDoC, man in late 60s, Ongoing CANH given & no court application made for years –  in spite of dispute)

Re Mrs W (Dying woman, late 70s,  LPAs ignored & CANH withdrawn, without court application)

Re AH (PDoC, Clinician/family dispute re Best Interests,  ventilator)

Re AA  (woman in 70s, recently collapsed, still in ICU)

Re: TK (PDOC, family dispute with finance about CANH)

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