All our training is now available as a series of online courses to be done at a time that suits organisations/trainees – see:

Experts from the Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre can also provide full day or half-day training in:

  • Prolonged disorders of consciousness: legal and ethical issues
  • Family experience and practitioner-family communication
  • The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Best Interests Decision-making
  • Advance Decisions, LPAs and Welfare Deputies
  • The Role of Allied Health Professionals – the challenges of the vegetative and minimally conscious state (physios, SLTs, OTs)
  • The Role of Psychologists – End of life care and decision-making
  • Continuing and withdrawing life extending treatment – the legal framework in practice in England and Wales

We provide training to a wide range of health care professionals (from critical care to neurorehab) and have conducted sessions for the Court of Protection Practitioners Association, psychologists working with older people and/or in end of life care, IMCAs, case managers, clinical ethicists, and with multi-disciplinary teams in hospitals, rehab centres and care homes both in the UK and internationally.

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