Overview of our impact

Our work has won awards for ‘Impact on Policy’  and for ‘Impact on Society’ (from the ESRC). You can see youtube films about the impact of our research here

ESRC Impact video







We collaborate with medical/science and legal practitioners and with creative artists to ensure our research engages service-users, professionals and policy-makers, inspires public dialogue and informs changes in policy and practices. 

Collaborations with practitioners/policy makers include: serving on working parties developing professional guidelines, giving evidence to the House of Lords committee scrutinising the Mental Capacity Act, and working with clinicians to develope materials for families and practitioners, including a ‘healthtalkonline’ website . 

Practitioner training includes: designing a training pack to promote discussion of ‘best interests’, input into a dramatised case study about controversial court cases, and contributing to, and running, a series of Continuing Professional Development training events for medical and legal professionals.

Collaborations with artists includes poems, music and visual art, a ‘soundscape’ feature  for BBC radio 3 and much, much more…...

Public dialogue events: we work closely with community groups and charities, such as Headway, to ensure that our research helps to inform service-user and public debate e.g. via co-producing a radio documentary, working with the media,  contributing to, or hosting, community engagement events…..

An example of art work from one of the three artists with whom we are collaborating

Jacky Fleming - details from her painting: 'The cat and the fiddle'

Jacky Fleming – details from her painting: ‘The cat and the fiddle’