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21 July 2020 Jenny Kitzinger does a live interview on BBC Gloucester Radio Anna King show – exploring the media representation of induced coma, coma and the vegetative state, and exploring perceptions of recovery

13 July 2020 Jenny Kitzinger launches the #PDoCMediaWatch online course exploring media representation of the long term vegetative state. 14o+ people register for this course including journalists, healthcare professionals, media studies students, people doing Masters in medical ethics, and family members of patients in PDoC.

15 June 2020  Celia Kitzinger and Gillian Loomes Quinn launch the ‘Open Justice’ in the Court of Protection project,  @OpenJusticeCoP.  This initiative supports public observers to witness best interests decision-making in practice across a wide range of CoP hearings and promotes transparency

8 April 2020 –  Talk by Celia Kitzinger for the online seminar organised by the Public Law Project: “Remote Justice: access to courts and tribunals during the pandemic” 8th April 2020 (see https://publiclawproject.org.uk) Record of talk available at youtu.be/und737YOcTU (Presentation to a virtual seminar live audience of 100 participants, further engagement with another 100+ views). 

29 March 2020 Following attending the first ever all remote CoP hearing (due to Covid-19), Celia Kitzinger wrote the following blog about the impact of ‘remote justice’ from the point of view of the daughter of the person at the centre of the case http://www.transparencyproject.org.uk/remote-justice-a-family-perspective/

5 March 2020 We spoke at a study day on Advance Decisions in Gregynog, Wales, with around 100 healthcare professionals working in this area (eg Advance Care Planning nurses) #ADRTStudyDay