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Conferences on end of life decision-making: exploring Christian perspectives


Gloucester and Cardiff conference (November -December 2016)  We worked with partners to host two conference on end of life decision-making, the role of churches and ecumenical perspectives on ethics and theology. Panels addressed a wide range of issues, including diverse perspectives on treatment withdrawal and exploring advance decisions. 

Live-tweeting from court case

28th Nov and 1st Dec 2016 We were given permission to live tweet from a court case concerning Paul Briggs - considering continuation/withdrawal of ltreatment. The first time, as far as we know, that researchers have tweeted from a Court of Protection hearing about life-prolonging treatment. We tweeted from @cdocuk and our personal accounts (@KitzingerCelia & @JennyKitzinger) using #COPBriggs.


'The Last Act of Love': discussion with author Cathy Rentzenbrink


16th and 17th Nov 2016 we co-hosted public events with Cathy Rentzenbrink to discuss her memoir about her brother's catastrophic brain injury, and eventual death after on of the early UK court cases for treatment withdrawal. This was a collaboration with 'Cardiff BookTalk' and with the Being Human Festival

Poetry and Music evening

harpist12th Nov 2016 - We co-hosted a poetry reading and concert - with sonnets and the inaugural performances of music specially composed to reflect new 'coma' research as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

Cultural representations of coma - Radio discussion

screenshot-2016-11-25-12-24-1115th Nov 2016 - We contributed to a panel discussion on Radio 3's 'Free Thinking' programme about the Being Human festival - reflecting on cultural images of coma (broadcast 10pm) (28mins in)

Art of Caring' exhibition at St Pancras Hospital

  21st July to 13th October 2016 - The 'Art of Caring' exhibition at St Pancras Hospital, London - includes work from CDoC collaboration with Play of Light theatre.

ER-WCPT Congress 2016 Liverpool

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.56.4610th - 11th Nov. 2016 - ER-WCPT Congress 2016 Liverpool (European Region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy). Julie Latchem  presented on 'Developing a multimedia learning resource for Allied Health Professionals: exploring the challenges of prolonged disorders of consciousness'

Radio Wales Programme: "All Things Considered"

We contributed to a panel discussion of Christian perspectives on death and dying, Radio Wales, 23rd Nov 2016


Disorders of Consciousness - National Conference

"Challenges for Allied Health Professionals working with disorders of consciousness patients and their families: Introducing a new e-learning resource  (Prof. Jenny Kitzinger,and Julie Latchem) National Conference on the recent advances in the assessment, diagnosis and multidisciplinary management of people with Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) 13 & 14 September 2016 Holy Cross Hospital, Hampshire. 

Coma Stories

ClfE207WMAAATm5.png-large 223rd June 2016 - Our radio exploration of family accounts - "Coma Stories" -  broadcast on Radio Wales.

The Art of Caring

Screenshot 2016-06-13 17.05.2824th May 2016 The Art of Caring: An art exhibition exploring the art of caring from many viewpoints, includes designs from our work with Karin Jashapara on her shadow puppetry theatre: ‘Where are you now?’ The Rose Theatre, Kingston, KT1 1HL

Art exhibition


16th and 17th Nov 2016 our co-produced art exhibition presenting new visual images of the vegetative state and family experiences was on display at 'Brickstock' as part of the Being Human Festivalcxodb3mweaamfy4

Training Allied Health Professional

20th & 22 April 2016 - workshop training to Allied Health Professionals, AHP roles - diagnosis and prognosis of VS/MCS, core skills for AHPs, Communication skills, Best Interests, ethics and law. Health Sciences, Cardiff University.

Theatre performance


16th and 17th Nov 2016 the latest performances of 'Where Are You Now?' as part of a conference (the 16th) and then part of the Being Human Festival (17th). cxgubijxeaa-bzn

Case study of delay in stopping life-prolonging treatment

Our case study of delay in stopping life-prolonging treatment published in Journal of Medical Ethics: National coverage of this case including on Radio 4 The Today programme and BBC2's Victoria Derbyshire show

Victoria-Derbyshire-show 23/9/16 0

Inside the Ethics Committee

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.36.28 2

 8th August 2016 - BBC Radio 4, "Inside the Ethics Committee": Celia Kitzinger, Tor Butler Cole and Lynne Turner Stokes discussed the ethics of artificial nutrition and hydration for a patient in a permanent vegetative state. Listen to the programme

Advance Decisions

6rnO8SyU.jpg-large30th June 2016 - Highlighting why families of VS/MCS patients so often wish their relative had an advance decision- on panel with Tor Butler-Cole, Chair of Compassion in Dying at the lovely Conway building, London. 

Training Occupational Therapists

Clkl_z4WMAAhqdS22nd June 2016 - The final workshop group of Occupation Therapists - training in vegetative and minimally conscious states.  These workshops are being filmed and will form part of an on-line teaching tool available soon.

Rehabilitation and Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness

Screenshot 2015-12-03 12.22.2517 March 2016 - 'Rehabilitation and Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness' - Huntercombe Group and Case Management Services, We will be presenting at this conference - looking at family perspectives, other sessions will address pain management, assistive technology, and assessment.

Neuroscience and consciousness

22 February 2016 - Lecture, Double-act on neuroscience and consciousness - discussing science, PR, ethics and responsibility at Cardiff University

Travelling exhibition

Screenshot 2016-08-08 05.50.53

'She Never Woke Up': image of his sister, reproduced with permission from William Doan. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2016;164(1):W1-W9. doi:10.7326/G15-0014  ©American College of Physicians.

Digital Storytelling

18th May 2016 - CDoC co-organised an event on digital storytelling and 'giving voice' to patient and family experience

Woman's Hour

Woman's Hour11 February 2016 - Interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour - Death, end of life choices and Advance Decisions