A new online CDoC resource for Allied Healthcare Professionals has been launched. The development of this resource, led by Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings, is designed to support training for AHPs working with patients in prolonged disorders of consciousness.

  • The undergraduate version is available now – and being used with Cardiff students (get in touch if you would like to trial it at your university).
  • The version for practicing AHPs is now online and use/feedback  welcome: https://xerte.cardiff.ac.uk/play_4755

The project  was supported with  ESRC IAA funding

Relevant publication see:

Latchem, J., Kitzinger, J and Kitzinger, C (2015) ‘Physiotherapy for vegetative and minimally conscious state patients: family perceptions and experiences’Disability and Rehabilitation.

Latchem, J, Kitzinger, J, Kell, C and Boniface, G  (2016) Developing a multimedia learning resource for allied health professionals: exploring the challenges of prolonged disorders of consciousness. Physiotherapy journal